We are excited for the upcoming season!

Registration is OPEN! We are happy to announce that we are able to keep the $100 registration fee for the upper divisions.  

If you created a profile last year you will not need to create a new profile but you will need to log in and register for the 2018 spring season.  There are a few things that we want you to be aware of so please read the entire email before you proceed to registration.

Evaluations:  ALL PLAYERS (even frozen players) wanting to play in the Minor (9-10) and Major (11-12) divisions will be required to attend an evaluation.  If you are an 8 year old that is wanting to be evaluated for the Minor division you will be required to attend the evaluation also.  The purpose of the evaluation is #1 to assess the skill of the player to make sure they are placed in the correct division and #2 so that coaches are able to draft teams appropriately.  We encourage parents to stay during the evaluation if possible. The players will be evaluated on basic fielding, throwing and batting drills.  A baseball glove and tennis shoes are required by all players.  Bats and helmets will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own.

The evaluation is scheduled for Saturday, February 11th at EMS.  Additional details about specific times will be released once we see the number of players signed up for each division. You must be registered and paid BEFORE the evaluation.

Playing up: When registering, the system will display the divisions your player is eligible for. Any players wishing to play in a division outside of their age range will be required to have an evaluation or board approval.  This includes 6 year olds wanting to play in the Rookie division.  We had some safety concerns last year and we want to do our best to keep all of our kids safe. Please contact the board with any questions about this.

Team Requests: We cannot honor team requests for the Minor and Major division.  The teams in these divisions are formed by draft.  For the rookie and t-ball divisions, you can make a request but there is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate.  There are a lot of factors that go into making teams and sometimes it is not possible to accommodate all of the requests.  Thank you for understanding.

Fundraising:  The flower basket is so successful that we plan on keeping this as our one and only fundraiser.  There is also a buy-out option.

Coaches: For anyone interested in coaching, assistant coaching or just helping out, we are having a Coaches meeting on Monday, January 22 @ 6:00.  This will be in the Key Bank Meeting room at 1212 Cole Street in Enumclaw.  We would like to see ALL coaches, old and new, at this meeting. 

Practices:  We have secured the gym at EMS again this year for indoor practices during the month of March.  There will be outside field availability also during this time (weather permitting).

Open Positions: We have a few open board positions left.  If you are wanting to help please come to the coaches meeting on January 22nd